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Redwirez mixIR2 and BIGbox review


I hope all is well with you..
Do you like me record your guitar directly to your DAW and then use plugins to get that killer tone?.

Ever felt like you feel restricted or wish you had more options when tweaking your guitar sound?

Today we are going to look at tools given to us by Redwirez, these tools are their Impulse response pack  BIGbox.




mixIR2 is a simple to understand yet extremely flexible and powerful Impulse response plugin designed to give you control of the impulses you load into it.

The GUI is divided in two sections, the upper section holds a IR block routing window, IR block window and Browser Window. Below that is the control section with controllers for stereo / mono toggle, IR pan (block), IR Length, Dry, wet, pan (MIX), signal level meter and options.

A note
I am not sure why the IR block routing window is placed on the left side, it feels more logical if the browser would have been on the right hand side as the workflow order would be Brows, load, mix and rout.

IR Bock routing window

The IR block routing window allows the user to control the routing of each block.

The blocks can be either serial or parallel blocks, this allows us to set the path so parallel blocks are mixed together and serial blocks work as a path through chain.

we could set block one with a closed MIClock two with a room MICparallel and then follow with a chain of Z curve->EQ->reverb.



IR Block window



The IR block window comes with 6individual blocks, each block has 5 cells where we can ad Impulses to.
we can then adjust the Mix level and length for the each cell / impulse that is loaded.

if you go full out, this means that you will have a total of 30 impulses loaded.. but this is nothing i recommend as the sound will be all messed up…





The Browser window

The Browser has three tabs, IRs, IR blocks and presets.
The first is the main browser for our Impulses, The IR blocks tab holds specific block settings / presets and last is a where where the complete presets are held.


The control section

As i mentioned above, the Control section holds controllers for stereo / mono toggle, IR pan (block), IR Length, Dry, wet, pan (MIX), signal level meter and options.

The BIGbox

The BIGbox impulse pack is a huge library of impulses that has been created in commonly used sample rates from 44.1 KHz-16bit to 96 KHz-24bit.
Below is the features and list from the Redwarez product page.


                    • Cabs sampled with up to 14 industry-standard microphones each with their own sound
                    • Up to 8 mic positions to dial in the right tone for your amp
                    • 9 different mic distances for different amounts of proximity effect, cabinet and room sound
                    • 500 or more IRs per cabinet* so you’ll find the perfect match for your sound
                    • Edited for better phase coherence allowing you to more easily mix multiple IRs
                    • Clean, uncompromising signal chain that won’t add undesirable color to your sound
                    • Cabs powered with Bryston 4B, known for flat freq. response, ample power, low distortion
                    • Recorded with Prism Sound Orpheus converters for top quality A/D and D/A conversion
                    • Sampled with a Neve 1073 and/or a pair of Neve 1084s, two of the most highly regarded preamps
                      for recording guitar, or anything else for that matter
                    • Compatible with a wide range of recording software and convolution plug-ins (see Compatible Software) including Axe-Fx I & II ready sysex files**

So how does it sound?
The short answer.. AWSOME!!

              The longer version…


              The impulses are flawless and as i mentioned before its all up to how you use them, since each cab and microphone has been recorded in every common position used for guitar recording the tweaking options are endless.


              You could take a close CAP SM57 MIC in front of a Mesa Rectifier mixed with a R121 in cap offAxis position on a  ENGL PRO v30s just to get a sound you like.


              I am so impressed with the verity this pack brings to the digital world of recording, and combined with the mixIR2 you cant go wrong.
              If you are a

PreSonus Studio One

              user these impulses works awesome with their included AMPIRE XT plugin.
              Here is two small samples where i used the free

Nick Crow lead 8505

              as amp and mixIR2 in  combination for a nice heavy sound.


You can buy the mixIR plugin by it self for $49.00, but i recommend you to grab the whole package Named BIGbox bundle as you get all the sweet sounding impulses and mixIR2 for $125.00 and its well worth it, The BIGbox pack alone in my eyes is worth $125.00

The mixIR2 plugin is a simple but very flexible and powerful plugin that gives the user all the power needed for a killer guitar sound.
In combination with the BIGbox impulses this is a secreat weapon for anyone recording any sort of electric, acoustic and bass  guitar.


The Verdict

I want to thank Redwirez for letting me do this review.

And to my readers… THANK YOU!!

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