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Slate Digital – Virtual Tape Machine review

Wazzup DAWfreaks!!
Since the days of the Digital revolution when the classic ways of recording music was pushed aside people have been craving for the classic Tape machine sound.
Today we are going to have a look at the Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine.

The Slate Digital – Virtual Tape Machine



  • Two tape machine types: 2″ 16 track, 1/2″ mastering deck
  • Two tape formulations
  • Two speeds: 15 ips and 30 ips
  • Noise reduction control and auto mute
  • Wow & Flutter control
  • Bass alignment control
  • Normal, Low & High Bias settings
  • Level Calibration
  • VU ballistics
  • Grouping control
  • Settings global or per channel
  • Tape reels start and stop in sync with DAW transport
  • Mac/Windows VST, RTAS, AU
  • ILok2 Required

The GUI of the Virtual Tape Machine really brings a smile to my face, i love the classic Tape Machine look and how Slate Digital wanted the users to get a feel of how things where back in the days. Looking at the Control of the Virtual Tape Machine we se from the left: Settings, Grouping,  Process / Bypass,  Input, VU meters, Output, Bias, Speed, Machine type and Tape type.

The Virtual Tape Machine in action
As i start testing the Virtual Tape Machine it does not take long for me to understand that this can be a real magical tool for the mixing process, a couple of small tweaks and the difference is amazing. I need to make a note here, The Virtual Tape Machine  can be used on separate channels and the linked / Grouped.


In the Settings menu we find controllers for Noise Reduction, WOW & Flutter, Hiss Automation, Bass Alignment, Global / Group Calibration Levels and VU VU ballistics.

The Test
I created a small tune in PreSonus Studio One to test out the Virtual Tape Machine, i decided i wanted to use it on the Master Bus to see how how it would aid the over all sound of the mix.

Here is the Tune without the Virtual Tape Machine.

Here is the Tune with the Virtual Tape Machine.

I really do love how the Virtual Tape Machine adds a bit of warmth to the sound but also nicely adjust / glues the small gaps between frequencies making the mix sound more united without making to much changes to the overall sound.

Slate Digital has once again managed to create a impressive plugin!
I found that the Virtual Tape Machine does makes a huge difference to the sound and brings life to the mix in a very impressive way!!
This is just one of them “Must Have plugins”!
Specially if you mix and master your own songs as it can if used correctly really bring life to a mix and ad that magic touch of a classic Tape machine!
The price for the Virtual Tape Machine is set to $199.00 on the Slate Digital online shop.

The Verdict

I would like to thank Slate Digital for letting me do this review.

And to my readers… THANK YOU!!!

  1. ralph
    May 5, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    this is fine although how does it compare with the universal audio studer
    also what is the price and the manufacturer
    please advise
    retro shack ralph

    • May 5, 2013 at 6:48 pm

      Hey Ralph
      Thax for the comment.

      I added the Price and a URL to the Slate digital product page.

      Concerning the UAD comparison i am not able to give you any information since i sadly don not have any UAD card or plugins.
      / Jesper

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