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Toontrack The Metal Foundry SDX review

Wazzup DAWfreaks.. My new PC is basically 100% up and running and i will soon post my specs for you to use as a guide if you need to build a new DAW PC soon.

Today we will have a look at The Metal foundry SDX from Toontrack, And before i start i would like to thank Toontrack for letting me do this review.


About Toontrack, The Drumkit From Hell and Metal Foundry story

Toontrack Music was originally started as a production company for composing game and movie soundtracks. In 1999 producers Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah and Mattias Eklund of Toontrack Music decided to design a sample library for their own use. They called Tomas Haake drummer of Heavy Metal band Meshuggah to record the drum samples. The library was called Drumkit From Hell.
Little did they know that Drumkit From Hell was not only the first true multi sampled drum recording for use with a virtual instrument but that it would also be the start for Toontrack Music to become the worlds premier developer of software, audio and midi for virtual drum and percussion production, spawning groundbreaking products like dfh Superior, EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0.
In the time since Toontrack recorded and released Drumkit From Hell our knowledge of sampling drums and designing software has improved vastly and we’ve built a great following in all genres and with all kinds of users, but our core has always rested firmly on the foundation of those early recordings.
In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Drumkit From Hell we release The Metal Foundry SDX. The name has layers of meaning to us encompassing both the beginning, what has come from it and what lies in the future. The Foundry is a place where precious metals are forged and what was started back in 1999 with the   Drumkit From Hell recording sessions turned out to be truly precious.             Source


The Metal Foundry SDX


The Toontrack Metal Foundry SDX was recorded at the Atlantis Studios, with Drumtech Urban Näsvall and the drummers Tomas Haake (Meshugga) and Huxflux Nettermalm (Fistfunk, Infinite Mass och Starlet med Camela Leierth).

Now The Metal Foundry comes with a really REALLY huge library (featuring seven massive drum kits), So i recommend you to head over to The metal Foundry Product page for the complete list of included drum pieces http://www.toontrack.com/products.asp?item=51.

The Metal Foundry in use

screenshot_the_metal_foundry A full Loaded kit form The Metal Foundry gives the user Huge Variety.

When the Metal Foundry loads up with the default kit we find that it covers a huge variety of Cymbals, crashes spocks and splashes, 5 toms, Hi-hat, Cowbell and two Kick drums.
and the included variety for each the drum kit piece has its own flavor in sound working perfectly with classic rock to modern Metal. there are two things that to me really stood out in this SDX and that is the Kicks and Toms, Them alone makes The Metal Foundry a extremely interesting expansion.

As i start tweaking the Sound i found another great thing, Superior drummer 2.0 is known for the huge amount of headroom when it comes to tweaking and processing the sound and i could be wrong but to me it felt like The Metal Foundry had even more headroom.
Toms is something i always had a bit of a struggle with, They either sound to week or to strong but with The toms in The Metal foundry i can easily manage to get the sound i want and get them placed in the mix where i want them.

Lately iv had issues with video recording for my reviews but that has been sorted now and i have a little DEMO video for you again.

It features some of the included Kits in The Metal Foundry and at the end i decided to show you how The Metal foundry sounds using only Toontrack EZmix 2 to process the drums.

Toontrack has a Killer SDX expansion in The Metal Foundry, It comes with a huge variety of kit pieces and a great sound that will work with Pop, Rock and Metal.
To have the Haake designed Kit hit by its own maker is like having Thomas Haake as drummer and that is just SICK!! If you don’t know what SDX to get, IF you are into rock or Metal then This is the SDX to get. Toontrack knows how to make Killer drum samples and The Metal Foundry proves this. Mixing with the Metal Foundry also is a great experience since the included samples responds extremely well to processing.

The Verdict


I would again like to thank Toontrack for letting me do this review.


And to my readers…. THANK YOU!


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