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Toontrack EZdrummer review

Wazzup dawfreaks!!!
After a messy week trying to get my review PC back on track I’m getting close to having it fully rolling.
Toontrack starts if their Metal Month today and i wanted to join them by publishing my EZdrummer review.


About Toontrack
Toontrack Music was originally started as a production company for composing game and movie soundtracks.
In 1999 producers Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah and Mattias Eklund of Toontrack Music decided to design a sample library for their own use.
They called Tomas Haake drummer of Heavy Metal band Meshuggah to record the drum samples. The library was called Drumkit From Hell.

Toontrack really made a revolution back then and what they did With the original DFH changed the way drum samples sounded forever.


EZdrumer whas launched in 2006, So it is not a newcomer we are looking at today. The interesting thing about EZdrummer is that even though 6 years has passed Toontrack has managed to keep EZdrummer fresh and up to date by releasing new EZX extension libraries.


Pop / Rock

• 18”x22” GMS Bassdrum with felt and plastic beater
• 14”x22“ GMS Bassdrum doublehead
• 14”x22” GMS Bassdrum with felt and plastic beater

• Rogers Wood 4,5“x14”
• Slingerland 70´s 6,5“x14”
• GMS Picollo 13”

• 12″ GMS
• 14″ GMS
• 16″ GMS
• 18″ GMS´

• 14″ Sabian HHX Manhattan
• 16″ Zildjian Crash Hats

Cymbals position 1
• 19″ Sabian AA Medium Thin
• 16″ Sabian HHX Evolution
• 18″ Sabian Jack DeJonette Encore
• 13″ Sabian Jack DeJonette Encore

Cymbals position 2
• 18″ Sabian HHX Evolution
• 16″ Sabian HHX Evolution Ozone
• 18″ Sabian Jack DeJonette Encore
• 17″ Sabian HHX Evolution

• 21″ Sabian Handhammered Vintage
• 22″ Sabian Handhammered Raw Dry


• Yamaha w. Snares
• Yamaha without snares

• Yamaha Snare BIG

• Yamaha High Snare

• Yamaha Tom

• 14” Zildjian

• Ride Mikaelsson Custom                                                                                  Source

Installing EZdrummer is easy, fast and EZdrummer only takes up about 1.5GB hdd space, this includes the pop/ rock EZX and Cocktail EZX.

Main window

po rock
The EZdrummer GUI is simple and easy to understand, To the left on the top menu we find a presets for the loaded EZX library. At the center of the top menu we will find the Loaded EZX library (default is pop / rock), and here we can change to our other installed EZX libraries.


Below the main window we find the buttons for  Mixer, Humanize function, grove library, Velocity control and the groove player.

Mixer viewmixer

The mixer view features a basic internal mixer, from here we can control volumes for each drums, set Outputs for each channel and also turn of bleed for snare and overhead.

The Groove window
The grove window is close to the one we saw in Superior drummer 2.0, Both EZdrummer and superior drummer 2.0 can use the same Grove libraries so any SDX, EZX or Toontrack grove library you install will work in both EZdrummer and Superior 2.0

Humanize Function

CocktailTo make life even easier for the user Toontrack added the Humanize feature to make sure the drums sound realistic, This feature should always be active as it makes a huge difference.

The velocity knob

po rock This function allows you to internally set velocity for groves in the included groove library.

Working with EZdrummer
The first time i loaded EZdrummer i was struck with how fast it loaded up, i was a bit confused about the small ram use (About 286MB ram). I do not no what magic Toontrack put into EZDrummer, but the sound is very good specially when we look at the small amount of ram and CPU it uses. I could directly see and hear how Toontrac perfectly succeeded with the EZ concept, Everything is simple to understand and the sound is pre processed just perfectly to make it sound good without any additional tweaking and yet still enough headroom to do so if needed. The Humanize function makes a noticeable difference and i would recommend always keeping it on.

Creating a great sounding drumtrack using the Groove libraries is so easy and fun. mix and match, merge two different groves to make your own groove, the possibilities are endless.
Superior drummer 2.0 users can load the EZX libraries in S2, giving you more ways to adjust, tweak and mix the sound to your liking.

Since i got EZdrummer it has been my main Drum VSTI when i start a project, If i feel i need something different i swap to Superior drummer and mix the drums.

Now EZdrummer was initially meant for the home users and songwriters, but i have heard a fair amount of finished songs (even on the radio) where EZDrummer has been used.

So how does it sound?
The pop / rock EZX comes with a modern sound with a over all lite plastic touch and a sweet snappy feal to the sound, The cocktail kit has a true Samba touch to the sound.

Here is a sample of EZdrumme pop / rock

Here is a sample of EZdrummer Cocktail

Toontrack is spot on with EZdrummer, it is very light on HDD, CPU and RAM usage but still sounds very good. No matte if your a novice or Professional, and no matter what music your into, Toontrack EZdrummer has something that will fit your needs.
Working with EZdrummer is dead easy and the results is amazing, there is enough headroom to tweak the sound should you need to.
I also must aplude Toontrack, EZdrummer is 6 years old, but due to the simplicity and ever growing set of different expansions EZdrummer still feels fresh and up to date.
If you ask me i would say Toontrack defines the old saying “why change a working concept?”.
Looking on the market today EZdrummer can be found for $99 and that is a great price!
No matte if your a novice or Professional, and no matter what music your into, Toontrack EZdrummer has something that will fit your needs.

The verdict

Editors “No matte if your a novice or Professional, and no matter what music your into,

Toontrack EZdrummer has something that will fit your needs”

I want to thank Toontrack for letting me do this review.

And to my readers…. THANK YOU!!!

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