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Plextor M3 128GB SSD (PX-128M3) Review

Wazzup Dawfreaks..
After my System failed i am now back on track and today we are going to have a look at the Plextor M3 128gb SSD. 

About Plextor

Plextor Started of as a CD-ROM manufacturer by Shinano Kenshi which is a company headquartered in Japan that primarily manufactures electric motors. In 1989 the first CD-ROM was released and since then Plextor has been a part of the growing  PC technology of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, BLURAY and since 2010 Plextor also offers the Solid State Drives.

The Plextor M3 128GB SSD



Model PX-128M3
Capacity 128GB
Form Factor 2.5" Standard
Dimensions (W x L x H) 69.85mm x 100mm x 9.5mm
Interface Serial ATA 6.0Gb/s, Compatible with SATA 3.0Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s

Seq. Read Speed
(SATA 6Gb/s)

up to 510MB/s

Seq. Write Speed
(SATA 6Gb/s)

up to 210MB/s

Ran. Read Speed

Up to 70,000

Ran. Write Speed

Up to 50,000
DRAM Cache 256MB DDR3
Controller Marvell 88SS9174
Power ECC 48bit per 2KB
Wear Leveling Global Wear Leveling
S.M.A.R.T. Support
NCQ Command Support
Password Protection Support
TRIM Command Support
Flash Memory NAND Flash MLC Type
Shock Resistance 1500G, 0.5ms
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 70°C

The information for the specifications was taken from the Plextor M3 128gb SSD page.


Additional Features

  • Five years warranty
  • True Speed technology sustained High-performance technology in the real world
  • Competence, performance, and testing that goes beyond the laboratory


IMG_0845 IMG_0849
The Plextor M3 128GB SSD comes in a nice looking black and blue box, great first impression.

A look at the PX-128M3

The M3 enclosure has a brushed metal finish, with only the Plextor logo on the top, I like this allot as it makes it looks very professional.
































When we turn to the back of the M3 we find the product tag.

Test System
Case: Fractal Design Define R4
CPU: I7 930
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-X58a-UD3 (rev 2.0)
Ram: 24 GB Kingston HyperX DDR3

Test Mythology.
To test the M3 I start of with a standard windows Boot up, Then i loaded up Cubase 6.5 and Studio One V2, to check their load times with a basic Project. To finish of i ran one single run with CrystalDiskMark, This is to get a basic view of the max performance of the M3 on my system.
I want to ad that the Gigabyte GA-X58a-UD3 comes with SATA III ports but they performed worse then the Intel SATA II so all tests have been done on SATA II ports with AHCI enabled.

Test Results

Test Type Results SSDnow v+100 Results Plextor M3
Windows Boot up 46 Seconds 38 Seconds
Cubase start up 28 Seconds 22 Seconds
Studio One start up 16 Seconds 11 Seconds

Well the speed boost is there but its not that much in terms of Boot and start times,I did not expect to se much difference since i am on a SATAII controller, if my system had modern SATA III controller things would have been much more different.
I want to ad that the over all feeling is that the M3 feels much more snappier and the over all system behavior is faster.

CrystalDiskMark SSDnow V+100

crystal ssdnow  
This image is just to give you an idea of the difference between the two SSD.

CrystalDiskMark Plextor M3
Crystaldisk Plextor firmw 1.05

I knew that The Plextor M3 would be much faster then the older SSDnow v+100, But some of the score differences are Miles apart. Just look at the 4k QD32.

Editors thoughts.
SSD has become the new standard disk to use as system drive, and for a reason.
For studio use SSD might not be a game breaker but for me the important features Noise free and fast computing is why i recommend SSD for DAW use.
the downside with SSD is the space limitations but for a normal user 128-240gb is more then enough space. A basic thumb rule for a DAW system is to have a Main system drive and at least one Project / sample drive, For the last year i have had 2 drives in my system a SSD and a Storage / project / sample disk without any problems. The Plextor M3 has been my Main drive for about 4 months and with satisfaction, If you are worried about stability i have not had any system crashes from the Plextor M3 and i believe that instable SSD is history.

Plextor has delivered a very impressive SSD with the M3, And even though i was not able to test it with full SATA III support it still is rock solid to use with SATAII. Hard drives used to be the system bottleneck, but SSD´s has changed all that. The only downside with SSD is the MB / price ratio, but iv said it before! SSD will make the system faster and quieter something very important for Studio PC`S .
The Price for the Plextor is set on Newegg to $199.99 it is a bit on the high side but since i have been able to test the drive for a longer time i know its worth the money.
The Plextor M3 128GB has been rock solid something that is very important, and as i said before the M3 impressed me in speed and as all SSD it is quiet.


  • Fast
  • Quiet
  • Stable
  • Feature proof with SATAIII Support


  • A bit pricy

    The Verdict


    “The Plextor M3 128GB has been rock solid, and as i said before impressively fast and quiet”


I want to thank Plextor for letting me do this review.
And to my readers… THANK YOU!!!

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