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112db big blue Compressor

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Today we are going to have a look at the 112db big blue Compressor, But before we get going i want to take the time to thank 112db for letting me do this review.

Big blue compressor


About 112db

Founded in 2005, 112dB is a company committed to producing high quality virtual plugins with an emphasis on characterful interpretations of digital devices and innovative products. Designed with the professional producer, performing musician, and amateur/enthusiast in mind, 112dB seeks to put new creative tools in the hands of all of those for whom the computer is an integral part of the music-making process.


The Features of the big blue compressor

  • Tube-compressor-style dynamic saturation.
  • Variable-knee limiting with proprietary tube modeling.
  • Dry/wet control for parallel compression.
  • Low- and high-pass filters on input and side chain with unique scaling, allowing for high-
    precision adjustments at critical frequencies.
  • Stereo imaging: stereo narrowing or widening, mid/side mode.
  • Sidechain monitor option, to monitor what the compressor detects in the sidechain.
  • Auto makeup gain for automatic leveling of pre/post perceived loudness, in addition to
    user-adjustable makeup gain.
  • Adjustable look ahead from 0 to 5 ms.
  • Peak/RMS compression mode.
  • User-adjustable latency from 0.01 to 5 ms (6 to 440 samples @ 44.1kHz).
  • Low CPU load.
  • Support for sample rates up to 384 kHz.
  • Full parameter automation.
  • Native 32- and 64-bit versions (Windows).
    This information was borrowed from the 112db Big blue compressor product page.

The GUI And Controls
The big blue compressor GUI looks like a real world hardware compressor, I personally like this GUI and it is pretty easy to understand. The GUI features controls (from top Left) for drive, look ahead, high-pass, low-pass, threshold, attack, ratio, release, makeup gain, knee, dry / wet, choke and stereo. we also get activation buttons for sidechain, monitor, rms, peak, link, mid and side.


The big blue compressor in action.

Working with the big blue compressor is straight forward, the implemented high-pass, low- pass and stereo features are most welcome as they allows the user to take further control of  the sound that is to be compressed nicely. Every compressor has its own way of doing things and some handle specific tracks / sounds better than other. With the added high-pass, low- pass and stereo features I found the big blue compressor to be a great plugin for drums and any type of guitar, it can make a huge difference on a heavy distorted guitar and rely made a difference on bass guitar sounds. To show you this I made two small bass tracks created with a VSTI bass, The first track is with only EQ applied and the other with EQ and the big blue compressor.

Bass with only EQ applied

Bass with EQ and the big blue compressor applied

CPU usage for the big blue compressor is very god and this is always a PLUS.
One thing I missed in the big blue compressor is Presets, I could not find one preset to use with the big blue compressor and that is rely bad!

Compression is a art on its own, and to have different Compressor plugins is nearly a must to be able to get the sound we want.  The 112db big blue compressor comes with some vary handy features that allows us to place the sound in the right place of a mix.
I personally found the 112db big blue compressor to works best on drums and guitar tracks, but it also works great on Vocals as well.


  • High and Low pass filters.
  • Stereo imaging tool
  • Low on resources


  • No presets?

I would once again like to thank 112db for letting me do this review.


And to my readers… THANK YOU!

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