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EQ Acoustics – AirSpace MonPads Review

Whazzup Dawfreks…
Acoustic treatment, something that some people don’t look into but can make a huge difference in both keeping unwanted sound out of your recording as well as making sure the sound you get out of your Studio Monitors / Speakers are not collared by the environment.

One of the ways we can improve ours Studio monitor / speaker sound is by using dedicated stands or Pads, Today we will look at the EQ Acoustics AirSpace MonPads.



About EQ Acoustics

EQ Acoustics are a UK based manufacturer of acoustic treatment and sound proofing products. The culmination of more than ten years experience in the acoustics industry, EQ was conceived to fill a gap in the market by making professional products and service affordable to all.                 Source


AirSpace MonPads

The AirSpace MonoPads comes with two bases and two angle parts.


The AirSpace MonoPads are manufactured from a specially formulated foam, The image above showes my Tannoy Reveal 501A on the AirSpace MonoPads base.

Here I have placed the Tannoy Reveal 501a so they tilt down, this is usable if you have the speakers above recommended placement height.

Turning the Reveal 501a around makes it angled upwards this is great when your monitors / speakers are placed  below recommended placement height.


Do they work?
I knew that using Pads would have some sort of impact on the sound, but believe me when I say I did not believe it would make such a impact.
The Tannoy 501a are great sounding, but due to the environment and the layout of my studio table I hade some resonance issues, The AirSpace MonoPads removed all that and allowed the sound to come out the way it should. This in turn made things clearer without removing the Bas sound and over all the AirSpace MonoPads made me able to play at much higher volumes revealing more details in my mixes.

Acoustic treatment does make a difference, even at smaller Scales like adding the EQ Acoustics AirSpace MonPads you will hear a difference! I get allot of mails asking me about replacing monitors / speakers and what to buy, my answer is simple! Before you go and buy new speakers or studio monitors try placing them on pads and se what happens.
The EQ Acoustics AirSpace MonPads can be found for  36Euro and even if you in the end find that you have to change your Studio monitors / Speakers, the EQ Acoustics AirSpace MonPads will work wonders with your new Studio monitor / speaker setup.

The verdict
´”Acoustic treatment does make a difference, even at smaller Scales like adding the EQ Acoustics AirSpace MonPads you will hear a difference!”



I want to thank Eq Acoustics for letting me do this review.
And to my readers… THANK YOU!

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