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NOISE MAGIC – NoVibes III – review

Wazzup Dafreaks!!
I’m back with a small review, and this time we will have a look at a easy and smart way to reduce HDD vibration noise that goes by the name NoVibes III from NOISE MAGIC.

In the image above you can see a Western digital caviar black mounted into the NoVibes III.

About NoVibes III
The NoVibes II is a patented HDD mounting frame, that is suitable for 3.5” wide and 1” height Hard drives. The concept of the NoVibes III bases around the suspension method used by many people to reduce the vibration noise from Hard drives.
But the difference with the NoVibes III is that its frame and rubber bands is pre-fitted to make the installation fast and easy.

To be able to use the NoVibes III you are required to have a 5.25” slot free!
Installing the HDD into the NoVibes III is done in less then a minute and then you just place it in the free 5.25” and secure it with the included screws, everything can easily be done in less then 10 minutes!!


In the image above you can see a Western digital 1tb velociraptor mounted into the NoVibes III.

Does it work?
I have seen, tested and used many different suspension methods and the NoVibes III is a real treat, it is just as effective as any other method but the installation is much simpler with the NoVibes III.

I have my 1tb Velociraptor installed into my NoVibes III inside my Fractal Design Define R4 and I can not hear the Velociraptor work not even on heavier load.
So yes.. the NoVibes II relay work.

Editors Note
There is one thing I have to mention and this is not only a NoVibes III issue, it is known that hard drives mounted in a suspension will have a small increase in temperatures.
The Caviar Black reached 43c during load and the Velociraptor due to its impressive cooler never reached 39c.


The NOISE MAGIC NoVibes II is a must have if you want to quiet down your PC, it is SUPER easy to install and does a great Job keeping the vibrations away from your pc case.
The price for the NoVibes II is roughly $22.95 and that is not a bad price to pay for the quieting results you get!


The Verdict


I want to thank Noise Magic for letting me do this review

and to my readers….. THANK YOU!!

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