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Antec Solo II review

Wazzup Dawfreaks..
I am back and Its time for a Case review and today we will look at the Antec Mid Tower Case named Solo II.
Before I go on I would like to thank Antec for letting me do this review.


Case Type Mid Tower Case
Product URL http://www.antec.com/product.php?id=704493&fid=114
Cooling System

• 1 rear 120 mm TrueQuiet™ fan with preinstalled silicone
   grommets and 2-speed switch

• 2 front 120 mm fan mounts (optional)

Drive Bays

• Dual hard drive mounting system :
   – 3 x 3.5" / 2.5" using tray mounts with preinstalled
   silicone grommets OR – 2 x 3.5" with suspension mount cables
• 2 x external 5.25"
• 1 x internal 2.5" (dedicated)

Front Ports

– 2 x USB 3.0
– 2 x USB 2.0
– Audio In/Out

Expansion Slots /
video card size

7 expansion slots / 15” (381 mm)
Maximum CPU Cooler Height 6.3” (160 mm)
Motherboard Support Standard ATX, microATX, Mini-ITX

• Unit Dimensions:
– 17.3" (H) x 8.1" (W) x 18.5" (D)
– 440 mm (H) x 205 mm (W) x 470 mm (D)
• Package Dimensions:
– 19.8" (H) x 10.8" (W) x 21.7" (D)
– 503 (H) mm x 275 mm (W) x 550 mm (D)


• Net Weight: 20.2 lbs / 9.1 kg
• Gross Weight: 23.6 lbs / 10.7 kg

Special Features

• Dual-layer design: 1.0 mm SECC / polycarbonate top & side panels isolate heat and deaden noise for the ultimate Quiet Computing™ experience
• Dual-mounting HDD system: eliminate noise using tray mounts with silicone grommets or suspension mount cables
• Elegant appearance: anodized aluminum front bezel, piano black exterior and matte black interior for a sleek look from the inside-out
• High-end I/O: Two front panel USB 3.0 ports with an internal motherboard connector for unparalleled data transmission


box front

Box back

The Antec Solo II box is is very similar to the P280, on the front we se a nice image of the solo II and on the back we get some additional images, features and specifications.


The Antec solo comes in a for Antec classic “piano black” color.

The Solo II comes with 4 silicon anti vibration feet.

front back
The Antec Solo II front (left) and back (right)

The front panel of the Solo II shows the two 5,25” slots, Power button ,reset button and the expansion section for Headphone / microphone and USB 2 / 3.
The back image reveals that the Solo II comes with the PSU slot on the top of the case, we can also se the I/O section and behind the fan grill we can se the TrueQuiet 120mm fan.


With this image I wanted to clearly show one of the features of the Antec Solo II, 
As you saw in the Back image the Solo II has the PSU mounted on the top.
to make sure the PSU can operate on lower fan speeds Antec have added a intake hole on the top so that the user can mount the PSU upside down and let the PSU get the air from outside of the case.

front open
When opening the front panel (it acts as a door) we can se that the second 12mm front intake fan slot in the SOLO II, we also se that not only the 5,25” hardware is mounted from the front but also the HDD´s are mounted by using the included HDD trays that includes silicon anti-vibration grommets.

In this image you can se that the Solo II also includes a second way to install the HDD, The black stretch bands is made to place the HDD in and this is known to be one of the best ways to reduce HDD vibration noise. 


The interior of the Antec Solo II reveals that even though this case is a smaller case it has been designed to handle large Graphic cards. I want to note that Bar on the outer part of the PSU hole can be removed for easyer installation of the PSU. We can also se the included 120mm TrueQuiet fan that I have a review of here.

Test system
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA A-A75-D3H
CPU: AMD A8 3870K (APU)
CPU cooler: Noctua NH-L12
Ram: Corsair vengence 8GB
PSU: Antec HCG-620
HDD : Kingston SSDNOW V+100 128GB



Finished build
Building a PC with the Antec Solo II was over pretty good, there is enough space to build in this case and the cable management was OK even though it’s a tight case.
Not that this build does not feature any GPU as it uses the AMD A8 3870K APU.
if you look closely at the front intake fan you will se a small little cool feature in the Solo II,
Antec has added a separate SSD mounting slot that allows us to mount a SSD out of the way.

install back pan
As I said earlier the cable management is OK for a case that is as tight as the Solo II is, there is cable management features hidden on the back side of the 5,25” cage that allows the cables to be hidden away.

A week spot to the Antec Solo II is that only one Antec TrueQuiet 120 mm exhaust fan is included, I would rely have loved to have seen two.
So to get a better view of the cooling performance and noise I added a 120mm TrueQuiet Pro.

I ran Prime95 for about 30 min with a ambient temps of  29c

Ok first of, there is one temp in this image that I have not been able to get a hang of and that’s the TMPIN1, I have touched every cooler in the PC and nothing is that hot.
so I believe that this is a faulty reading so I wont include that in the Cooling performance.
Over all the Antec Solo II performed well but not superb, But we have to remember that the ambient temps was above normal and the intake and exhaust fan is running below 1000RPM.
The only fan that is above 1000 is the Noctua NF-B9 PWM on the cpu cooler.

When it comes to noise the Solo is a good start point for a quiet studio PC but having the PSU on top and with a opening for the PSU to intake air added extra noise so I turned it around to lower the noise this on it self is not entirely the Solo II´s fault as there are more or less quiet PSU so depending on the PSU there is much to gain.

As a start point the Antec Solo II is a good case for a descent quiet PC, it comes with some great features like the HDD anti vibration system and silicon feat.
The included TrueQuiet is a good and very quiet fan, but one included fan is not enough, Thankfully the Antec Solo II comes with two intake fan slots so filling them will allow even a light / Medium gamer to use the Antec Solo II as PC case. 
Now I would say that the Antec Solo II is more a Desktop, Media Center, and yes Studio PC case, with a setup like the one I used in this review you will also have some headroom to set fans to operate with very little noise.
So over all from a Studio point of view the Antec Solo II is a god case that has potentials to be a cool and quiet case for your studio PC.

There is one thing I am not to sure about and that is the Price, The Antec Solo II is at the moment set to $119.99 on Newegg and Amazon that is a bit to much for a case like this.


  • Nice looking
  • Cable management
  • Anti vibration system for HDD´s


  • only one included 120mm TrueQuiet
  • the price


I would once again like to thank Antec for letting me do this Review.

Thank you for reading

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