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Uhbik FX Bundle Review

Wazzup Dawfreaks.. I am back with another review!
Are you looking for a nice plugin bundle? well lets se if the Uhbik FX Bundle is what your looking for.
Before I start I want to thank the people at u-he for letting me do this review.


The Uhbik FX Bundle comes in many flavors! ambience / reverb, delay/echo, flanger, granular pitch-shifter / phase vocoder, phaser, equalizer, filter, frequency shifter / sideband filter and last but not least a tremolo.


Uhbik-A is the master of understatement. Great reverb is seldom conspicuous, but if itʼs not there, something is missing from the sound.

First of I must say that the GUI for the Uhbik plugins are simple but still looks awesome….

The Uhbik-A is not your everyday ordinary algorithmic reverb plugin that just lets you adjust timings, pre-delay and Wet / Dry Signal. The Uhbik-A has controls for allot deeper tweaking allowing you to get the reverb to fit the source perfectly. You can adjust the tail length at a chosen frequency. Spread creates spatial impression from early reflections and modulation prevents metallic tone.

I found that for me the Uhbik-A is great for Guitars but it really shines with Snare and Toms.

Here is a small audio Clip with the Uhbik-A on a snare drum, I will first let you hear it without the Uhbik-A followed with the Uhbik-A active. http://soundcloud.com/dawfreak/snarerev



Imagine an echo that repeats every quarter note, although precise quarters are not part of the echo signal? Or ping-pong delay (no central tap) that applies the Haas effect for extra movement? Or 7.1 surround delays…

The Uhbik-D is a guitar players dream delay, it gives you 5 delay taps, each with control over duration (up to 16 x 1/16th note), panorama position and even 7.1 surround delays.
The control of the Uhbik-D is easy but still holds majorly advanced features.

The Uhbik-D is as I said a great guitar companion but it also works great with anything else you want to use it on.
here is a little guitar track I made to show the Uhbik-D in action.

This time I will let you here the guitar dry, with the Uhbik-D and then finally with Uhbik-D and Uhbik-A all together. http://soundcloud.com/dawfreak/guitar



Uhbik-F simulates two tape machines per audio channel, with recording and playback heads that can even occupy the same position if you want

Flanger to me is a classic sound of the 80´s and is one of the effects that can be used to create some seriously nice clean guitar and bass effects.
The Uhbik-F is a nice flanger with a classic touch that has a cool feature in its sleeve, The Times knob have a manual mode so you can use a MIDI controller or automation to adjust the LFO waveform.

Here is a a clean guitar first played only with Amplitube 3 and then I added Uhbik-F.



Effectively cuts audio material into snippets (‘grains’), then plays them back at a variable rate – even backwards

Pitch plugins is really a must have, they can make boring tracks get life, double a vocal with a twist or just be a light effect on a bass track.
Uhbik-G is nice soinding pitch plugin that can be used on anything but I found that to me it worked best on vocals and guitar.
Here is the Uhbik-G on the same clean guitar track, I used it to get a pitched double sound.



Phaser set to stun, with up to 42 allpass filters in series delivering the deepest, richest phasing available. But is it an angel or a metal monster?

Now I am going to be honest, Phaser effects is something I don’t use allot but I like what I can do with the Uhbik-P here is the clean guitar again, I used automation on Phase to get this weird phasing talk-box kind of sound. http://soundcloud.com/dawfreak/phase



Maximum flexibility from a minimum of controls, low CPU without compromising transparency. Uhbik-Q combines freely tunable frequency bands (4-pole filters, not the usual 2-pole!) with presets for other options.

The great thing about having different EQ plugins is that they all do things different and changing EQ plugin can have a huge impact on the sound.
When it comes to the Uhbik-Q I found it to do wonders on drums, grouping all drum tracks and then having Uhbik-Q fine-tune some frequencies made a drum track more alive.
Here is a drum track with Before and After Uhbik-Q.http://soundcloud.com/dawfreak/drum3



Filters were always dramatic sound-shaping tools, one reason why they’re still so popular. But users today expect more than a simple resonant lowpass, so here’s RUNCITER!

Filter Plugins is something I use more and more often, its great when you want to localize a specific feature in a audio file.
But filters can do much more that that, it can be used to change a sound completely.
Runeciter is a nice multimode filter that comes with fuzz distortion and envelope follower.
Lets return to our clean guitar and make it sound like its played through a old speaker.


Movement in frequency shifters (no LFO required) is constantly downwards or upwards. In Uhbik-S, the barber-pole effect can even rise in one channel while falling in the other.

A frequency shifter is also one of the thing I rarely use, but I had a lot of fun when testing out the Uhbik-S. You can get some real sick, weird and great sounds out of the Uhbik-S and this has to be a plugin that the industrial music makers love.
I really cant explain all the things Uhbik-S can do so I used the clean guitar track to show you some of the great fun sounds that comes with Uhbik-S. http://soundcloud.com/dawfreak/uhbik-s



Our tremolo unit Uhbik-T is a general-purpose ‘rhythmicizer’ featuring linear or exponential (with 3 different strengths) gain modulation.

Tremolo… a great way to get a rhythmic behavior of a plain sound, one of the commonly used effects on guitars. The Uhbik-T is not just a standard tremolo, it comes with a great pattern mode to create that Rhythmic behavior some of us dreamed for.

The Uhbik-T Pattern section is a uniq feature that opens up a new world of rhythmic patterns.
Lets once again have a listen to our clean guitar with the Uhbik-T. http://soundcloud.com/dawfreak/uhbik-t


The Uhbik FX Bundle is a great bundle that delivers great performing and awesome sounding plugins. To me the once that really stands out is Uhbik-A, Uhbik-D, Uhbik-Q and Uhbik-T, this could be course rock / Hard rock is what I normally work with and these 5 plugins work wonders on guitars and drums. I am not saying that the other plugins in this bundle is useless, HELL NO.. They are great and I can se use for them in many aspects of the music creation. The Uhbik FX Bundle is a great set of plugins and another big bonus to the Uhbik FX Bundle is the price. You can get the Uhbik FX Bundle for 148.05 EUR, that’s a extremely
nice price for a bundle with this variety and 9 plugins that sounds great.”


  • 9 different plugins
  • great sounding
  • efficient
  • Extreamly nice price


  • None


The verdict

”You can get the Uhbik FX Bundle for 148.05 EUR, that’s a extremely
nice price for a bundle with this variety and 9 plugins that sounds great.”

I would once again like to thank u-he for letting me do this review.

And to my readers…. Thank you!!!

  1. TB
    April 4, 2014 at 5:04 am

    Ive got them.
    They are fantastic.
    I use the EQ on my main drum bus and then again on the main mix output!!
    When i went from using the equivalent fx that come with protools,these are a step up.
    They are a steal at the price too.

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