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Scythe – Kaze Master Flat review

Wazzup Dawfreaks.
Are you trying to find the perfect balance between noise and cooling?
Today we are going to take a look at the Scythe Kaze Master Flat fan controller.
Before we go on I would like to thank Scythe for letting me do this review.


About Scythe

Scythe Co., Ltd., (Registered and incorporated in Tokyo Japan) originally started its business operation in Japan’s famous "Akihabara Electric Town" located in the metropolitan Tokyo, where visitors can find a variety of products from the latest computer parts to the world’s most advanced high-tech electric devices.

Sythe Co., Ltd., began its operation and business since November, 2002 as a distributor and the manufacturer of passive and low-noise PC parts.  Since then, the company has established the R&D facility in Taiwan & China for production and quality control, and the USA office (in Los Angeles, California) & European office (in Hamburg, Germany) for customer care and sales support.

At Scythe, we believe that the best ideas for product come simply from knowing customers’ needs and their expectations.  Based on this philosophy, the PC enthusiasts working at Scythe know what to develop because that is exactly what we would like to have for ourselves too!  We offer products with 100% quality assurance and total pride, and if the product has the Scythe name on it, you can rest assure that its quality will be up to the "Zero Tolerance" standards!                        source

Unboxing the Kaze Master Flat
box frontbox back
The Scythe Kaze Master Flat comes in a colorful informative nice looking box.

unboxing part1unboxing part2
Everything is well packed to ensure that the Scythe Kaze Master Flat wont be damaged during transport.


Model Name: Kaze Master Flat
Model-No: KM06-BK (Black)
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D): 148,5 x 42 x 83 mm / 5.8 x 1.6 x 3.26 in
Display Dimensions  (W x H): 119.3 x 16 mm / 4.7 x 0.62 in
DC Input: 5 V or 12 V (From PC Power Supply)
DC Output: 3,7 V (±10%) ~ 12 V (±10%)
Fan Channels: 4
Fan Speed Range: 0 – 9990 Rpm
Temperature Channels: 4 (0 – 100°C / 32 – 199,9°F)
Weight: 160 g

4x Temperature Sensor Cables, 4x Fan Cables, 1x Power Cable, 4x Mounting Screws, Installation Manual


  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Protective Display Cover
  • Spin Up Voltage
  • Temperature Warning Function
  • Jumper Switch for Personal Settings

What’s included

includeda look
Left: 4x Temperature Sensor Cables, 4x Fan Cables, 1x Power Cable, 4x Mounting Screws.
Right: A first look of the Scythe Kaze Master Flat.

First impression
When I picked up the Scythe Master Flat to have a look at it I found it to be very plastic,
The Protective Display Cover is held by a small plastic grip that feels like it can break easily.

Installing the Scythe Kaze Master Flat is pretty basic, after connecting the included fan extensions and (if you want) temperature sensors to the Kaze Master Flat.
Insert the Kaze Master Flat in a free 5.25” bay, arrange the cables and connect the fans and boot up the system.

When the system boots up you will hear the fans spin up to max even if you set the fans at low spin, this is called Spin Up Voltage and is a feature that makes sure the fan gets the volt it needs to start.

In use
Here we can see the Kaze Master Flat when the pc is on and the Protective Display Cover down , The color of the display matches the Fractal Design Define R3 extremely well and all in all it looks very sweet.

The Kaze Master Flat rely makes fan controlling a breeze. each fan channel has push buttons to increase and decrees the installed fan RPM. if you don’t want the display to be on all the time you can press the on/off button on the left to turn of the display, on the right side you can mute the warning sound if you want to.

when building a quiet PC The Fractal Design Define series are great cases, but finding a fan controller that fits behind the door and don’t take up two 5.25” slots has been a problem.
Thanks to Scythe and the Kaze Master Flat we have a perfect match for the Fractal Design define cases, even the color theme matches very well!

Now I did not get a picture of the Temp sensors in action but they do their job well and if you want to make sure your Overclock does not overheat your system the included fan sensor can be a great help.  The price for the Scythe Kaze Master Flat is around $42.99 to me this price is a bit on the top especially since it is very plastic.
But all in all the Kaze Master Flat does what it should, is easy to install, looks good even though its plastic, so if you want to find that sweet spot between cooling and low noise for your fans I recommend the Kaze Master Flat.


  • Easy installation
  • Temp sensors
  • Looks great (specially with a Fractal Design Define case)
  • Spin Up Voltage


  • Price a bit high
  • Plastic
  • recommended

“If you want to find that sweet spot between cooling and low noise for your fans I recommend the Kaze Master Flat.”

I would once again like to thank Scythe for letting me do this review.

And to my readers…. THANK YOU!!

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