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ZOWIE G-CM Red (XL) Mouspad review

Wazzup Dawfreaks…
The most exelent people over at ZOWIE has sent me a new mousepad to review for you, and since I have reviewed the G-TF mousepad I know what they can deliver.
The mouspad we are going to look at today is named G-CM Red (XL).
Before we start with the review, I would like to thank ZOWIE GEAR for once again letting me review their products.


Studio people working hours at their computer, uses their mouse in greater aspect then some may imagine. Look at all the small adjustments in automations, fiddling with Plugins, swapping drums in their favorite drum sampler and even drawing out the MIDI notes in the MIDI editor many other things.
I have helped setup complete studios for both Home users and Pro´s and I have always been amused with the “don’t waste money on keyboard, mouse and mousepad philosophy”.
Nine out of ten times they bought the cheapest available and then been disappointed.
A couple of my musicians friends that I helped build a PC for music and Gaming never complained about their buy… could be they put some money in it?!






ZOWIE GEAR is an innovative manufacturer of competitive gaming gear, founded late 2008 with a mission to develop the best competitive gaming gear available.

We are not limited by shareholders telling us what we can or cannot do. We are a free-minded company consisting of experienced and creative individuals, united in ZOWIE on a common ground; our passion for gaming. No boundaries. No compromises. Just gaming.

ZOWIE GEAR has no ambition to become the biggest manufacturer of competitive gaming gear. We just want to be the best. If we can develop products that will increase a gamers performance by just 1%, we will do it. This is our mentality.

It’s not just a game.

This is ZOWIE GEAR. Strive for Perfection.                                                       SOURCE


The G-CM Red (XL)

box g-cm

The G-CM Red (XL) Mouspad comes in the standard ZOWIE gray Box.
Once the G-CM is outside the box we find a a lovely red mouspad with the ZOWIE logo across the surface, I personally love the way the Logo gives life to the mouspad making it feel less sterile.


Specifications and features

The ZOWIE G-CM offers its users with a consistent glide with medium to high friction through its smooth and even texture. It was developed as an alternative to the very popular and extremely fast low friction mousepads, the P-TF speed and the G-TF speed.
The G-CM features ZOWIE’s unique rubber base that ensure a firm grip on any surface with its excellent suction capability. Should the rubber base ever lose any grip, it can be easily refreshed by wiping it with a wet cloth – and boom badabing, it’s as good as new!
ZOWIE G-CM features:

  • Smooth surface with a colorful potential, offering custom design possibilities
  • The smooth and even texture allows for a consistent glide
  • Newly designed rubber base offers increased stability on any surface
  • 100% compatible with all types of mice
  • Dimensions: 440 x 320 x 2 mm / 17.3 x 12.6 x 0.08 inch

ZOWIE states that the G-CM is Compatible with all types of mice, I had to test it with as many mice I could so I called a couple of friends and here is a list the mouse tested.
each mouse where tested in one game of  World of warcraft 2v2 arena.

with mouse
Sadly I did not manage to find anyone using a ZOWIE mouse to test as well, and though this is not 100% of the different mice on the market all mice tested worked perfectly on the G-CM.
ZOWIE GEAR makes fantastic mousepads that’s for sure, the G-CM red (XL) works flawless with every mouse I tested and looks amazing as well.
Now some of you might not care for esthetics but I do and the G-CM does look sweet as a part of my DAW studio workstation. Having a great mousepad means allot to me as I personally feel that having a mousepad that is large and with a surface that makes my mouse fly does make a huge difference. Sadly I have not been able to test any other ZOWIE GEAR products like the CELERITAS (MX red) keyboard or any of their Mice, but I believe that no matter what you buy that wares the ZOWIE logo will be god product.
So if you want a sweet looking and great performing mousepad Go ZOWIE G-CM.
  • Great performance
  • Works with every type of mice I tested
  • Looks amazing


  • None

The Verdict


“I believe that no matter what you buy that wares the ZOWIE logo will be god product, so if you want a sweet looking and great performing mousepad Go ZOWIE G-CM.”


I would once again like to thank ZOWIE GEAR for letting me do this review.

and to my readers…. THANK YOU!!!

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