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Drumasonic 2 – Review

Wazzup Dawfreaks.
Its time for a fresh drum review, Today we will have a look at the brand new Drumasonic 2.
I would like to thank Drumasonic for letting me do this review.
In the end of the review I am happy to let you know that for a short time Drumasonic is letting you get a special little treat after reading my review!
Thanks for that Drumasonic.


About Drumasonic.

The drum software from Germany is entering its next stage: Outstanding e-drum playbility as well as an extraordinarily realistic hihat simulation predestine drumasonic as the new high-end tool for professional studio drummers, songwriters and music producers.
The total number of samples has been more than quadrupled and the engine has been completely re-written: Sticks, rods, and brushes, each with snare wires on and off, new bass drum and snare models as well as a new percussion section extend the sound palette.
Add-on packs, which extend drumasonic’s range of timbres even further, will be available soon. The brand-new groove player offers standalone recording, midi drag & drop to desktop or sequencer, intelligent groove and shuffle detection as well as remarkably musical quantize and humanize functions. The seamlessly integrated mapping converter makes it possible to load grooves from third-party manufacturers and to convert them to any target mapping. drumasonic offers up to eleven separate microphone signals per instrument, direct outs, high-end effects and modular mixer presets covering a wide range of musical styles.
Being a "Powerd by Kontakt" library, drumasonic extensively utilizes the strengths of the newest NI Kontakt 5 engine.



  • New instrument models, more microphone signals, even greater dynamic response and elaborate round robin implementation.

  • All the newly recorded instrument models can be played with sticks, rods, or brushes and have true round robin samples.

  • drumasonic comes with 3 bass drums, 6 snare drums, 5 toms, 4 hihats, 5 rides, 9 crashes and various percussion instruments, recorded in two different rooms.

  • Up to 11 microphone signals per instrument allow for a virtually unlimited mixing flexibility and sonic diversity.

  • Great e-drum playability: enjoy natural-sounding flams, rolls, cymbal chokes and incredibly realistic hihat control.

  • Built-in preset system: choose from a selection of pre-mixed drum kits, or create your own mix.

  • Integrated groove player with extremely flexible and musical groove modification capabilities, providing shuffle, quantize, delay, velocity per instrument category and much more.

  • Shipping with a groove library containing hundreds of production-ready grooves, fills, and percussion loops.

  • The integrated mapping converter allows for seamless integration of 3rd party groove libraries.

  • Versatile integrated mixing engine providing state-of-the-art effects, such as EQ, compressor, transient shaper, tape saturation, convolution reverb, delay, and master limiter.

  • Superior phase correlation: no matter which mic signals you combine, drumasonic will always sound fat and natural.

  • Streamlined interface: mix your drums faster and easier than ever before.

  • Over 30,000 samples — more than 4 times the number of drumasonic 1.5.

  • Efficient load and purge features: deactivate unused microphones and/or articulations to save memory and optimize the performance.

Installation thoughts

The installation procedure is pretty basic.
For users who have worked with KONTAKT player based samples before there should not be any issues, the installation is more manual then just a click and your done installation but if you reed through the installation guide you should be ready to rock soon.

    Drumasonic in action


    As Drumasonic 2 uses KONTAKTplayer we go into the browser are and chose between the two nki files, Damped room or Large room.
    When all this is done we se the Drumasonic 2 GUI as the image shows above and once that is done you can start mess around with Drumasonic 2.


    Drumasonic 2 also has predefined presets inside the GUI, everything from Pop, Punk/rock, to funk and D&B is included.  you can also change the drum pieces individually to get your own sound. (see “light Maple below Kick one or Maple Master below Snare 1 in the image above).

    The Drumasonic 2 GUI is divided into four sections, Instruments, Articulation, Effects and groves.

    The main window of Drumasonic 2 also holds the mixer with volume control, pan, Attack,Hold and Decay controls. You also get controllers for Velocity, Modulation, Pitch and Misc options in the main section.

    articulation controll

    The Articulation window is divided into three sections, Mapping, Remapping and Control.
    The image above shows the Control section and as you can se there is a lot of things to adjust here. Now Drumasonic 2 will allow you to load maps and settings from other known drum instruments such as Superior Drummer 2 and BFD 2.


    The effect window has mainly everything you would need to get a perfect drum sound.
    EQ, Compressor, Reverb and Delay are just some of the things you can adjust for each drum piece in Drumasonic 2.

    The groove window in Drumasonic 2 features a browser as well as some tweaking option for the MIDI file so you can adjust the MIDI file before you drag it into your DAW software.
    This is a very welcome feature that allows you to do some very nice things and find inspiration for your song.

    So how does it sound?
    Drumasonic 2 is an advanced drum sampler but very simple to understand, you wont need much time before you get a hang of things and get that perfect drum sound.
    The sound of these drums are very nice, well recorded and there is a huge tweaking headroom for you to toy with.
    There is also allot of velocity layers and additional hits that will make sure you get a fully realistic sound without suffering any machinegun effect.


    The Dawfreak Sample video
    Alright, to show you how Drumasonic 2 looks and sound here follows my Sample video.

    Recorded and edited with Camtasia studio

    As you can see on the video there is a lot of activity going on.
    This is due to me having the midifol MIDI follow active!
    I have also been told that using MIDI follow
     CAN have impact on the CPU usage.

    Drumasonic 2 is a great Drum Instrument that uses the KONTAKT Player. It has allot going for it with its advanced tools, Great sounding drum samples and Grooves.
    I love that Drumasonic 2  includes effects like Reverb and Delay as well.
    For anyone looking for fresh and great sounding drums you should have a look at the
    Drumasonic 2. The Price for Drumasonic 2 is set to 159€ a good price for what you get.
    the only downside I have found is that KONTAK player use a bit to mush CPU recourses.



    • Easy to use
    • Great sound
    • A loot of tweaking options



    • KONTAKT player uses a bit to much CPU.
        The verdict


        So what was that treat??

        From today and until Juli 31st 2012 my readers gets a 12% discount for Drumasonic 2.
        To get this you will have to enter the Code in the image below on checkout when placing an order at http://www.drumasonic.com.
        And the discount code is…

        This code is for your first purchase only!!

        And remember this discount ends at Juli 31st!!!!

        Thank you for reading.

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