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NEWS –Drumasonic 2



The drum software from Germany is entering its next stage:
Outstanding e-drum playability as well as an extraordinarily realistic hihat simulation predestine drumasonic as the new high-end tool for professional studio drummers, songwriters and music producers.

The total number of samples has been more than quadrupled and the engine has been completely re-written: Sticks, rods, and brushes, each with snare wires on and off, new bass drum and snare models as well as a new percussion section extend the sound palette.

Add-on packs, which extend drumasonic’s range of timbres even further, will be available soon. The brand-new groove player offers standalone recording, midi drag & drop to desktop or sequencer, intelligent groove and shuffle detection as well as remarkably musical quantize and humanize functions. The seamlessly integrated mapping converter makes it possible to load grooves from third-party manufacturers and to convert them to any target mapping.

drumasonic offers up to eleven separate microphone signals per instrument, direct outs, high-end effects and modular mixer presets covering a wide range of musical styles.

Being a "Powerd by Kontakt" library, drumasonic extensively utilizes the strengths of the newest NI Kontakt 5 engine.


I will be able to give you a review on this as soon as it arrives until then I recommend you to Come back here soon again and thanks to the nice people at drumasonic you will be able o get a nice discount on drumasonic.

For more information on drumasonic I recommend you to head over to www.drumasonic.com

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