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FXpansion BFD2 Jazz Maple Expansion

Wazzup Dawfreaks…
In the middle of moving, system upgrades and being a father I wanted to give you a little BFD2 Expansion review.
This time we will have a look at the Jazz Maple Expansion From FXpansion.

Before we go on I would like to thank FXpansion for letting me do this review.


What is the Jazz Maple Expansion?

BFD Jazz Maple is an expansion pack featuring a Yamaha Maple Custom drum kit, compatible with BFD 2.1 and BFD Eco. The expansion features several bonus ‘lite’ kit-pieces – a Yamaha signature Roy Haynes copper shell snare and a suite of Sabian cymbals.        

Download-only BFD v2.1 expansion kit includes toms played with sticks, brushes and mallets, as well as kicks struck with felt, rubber and wood beaters. New articulations include rim shot and rim clicks for toms (sticks versions only).                           Source


Kit pieces in detail

18"x14" Kick (Felt and Rubber)
16"x20" Kick (Felt and Wood)

8"x10" Tom (Stick, Brush and Mallet)
8"x12" Tom (Stick, Brush and Mallet)
14"x14" Floor Tom (Stick, Brush and Mallet)

Bonus hihat and cymbals taken from BFD Jazz & Funk (reduced to 16 bit, 24 velocity layers)
14" Manhattan Hihat (Stick and Brush)

20" AA Med Ride (Stick and Brush)
16" HH Med Crash (Stick, Brush and Mallet)
18" El Sabor Cymbal (Stick and Brush)
18" China (Mallet)

Bonus snare in 5 versions (16 velocity layers)
5.5"x14" Roy Haynes signature snare (stick, strainer on)
5.5"x14" Roy Haynes signature snare (stick, strainer off)
5.5"x14" Roy Haynes signature snare (mallet, strainer off)
5.5"x14" Roy Haynes signature snare (brush, strainer on)
5.5"x14" Roy Haynes signature snare (brush, strainer off)

FXpansion Offers a very nice preview page for their drums and expansion, head over to it and listen to the individual kit Pieces. http://www.fxpansion.com/index.php?page=125&tab=321


Inside BFD2

The Jazz Maple expansion comes with 15  kit presets.


I loaded up one of the kits, and this is the BFD2 GUI showing the Kit loaded.
BFD2 has a nice looking GUI that shows how each kit piece looks.

A taste of what you get.

I go start messing with some MIDI files to get a a clear view of the sound.
Here follows a video of some of the kit presets in the FXpansion BFD Jazz Maple.
I decided not to show all of the kits but I included the kits with Sticks, Brushes and mallets.
In the end of the video I have added a smell tweaked kit I made just to give you a hint of how it sounds with personal tweaks.

The video was recorded inside Cubase 6 using Camtasia Studio


The BFD Jazz Maple Expansion from FXpansion is a nice sounding Jazz / Fusion expansion.
the over all feeling is rely Jazz, but you could use it with modern pop and maybe even rock.
But if Jazz sounding drums is what you are after then this expansion is something you rely should have a look at.
As with nearly all modern drum samplers and Expansions it responds nicely to velocity and there is no machinegun sound even at faster BPM.
The sound is clean and there is more then enough headroom for personal tweaking.
I rely must say the Brush kits did sound very nice (as you may hear in the video).
the price for this expansion is set to $ 70 a price I rely cant argue with at all.

All in all the FXPansion Jazz Maple expansion is a nice expansion, if you are in to a more Jazz sounding drum I can rely recommend this expansion.

The verdict

Thank you for reading.

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