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Platinum Samples–Jim Scott Rock drums review

Wazzup Dawfreaks.
Its time for a BFD2 Expansion review, and this time Platinum Samples has sent me the Jim Scott Rock drums Vol 1 & 2 expansions to review for you today.



About Jim Scott

One of L.A.’s most respected producers, engineers and mixers — and one of the busiest — Jim Scott has built his rep off of crisp, live-off-the-floor sounds and attendant good vibes. Scott picked up his first Grammy in 1995 for engineering Tom Petty’s Wildflowers, scoring two more for his work with Santana onSupernatural and the Foo Fighters’ One By One. In 2007, he doubled his Grammy total, scoring a hat trick for his recording of the Dixie Chicks milestone Taking the Long Way. That album was the most recent of dozens of projects Scott has done with Rick Rubin during the past two decades, from Petty and Johnny Cash to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Slayer. (Bud Scoppa, Mix Magazine July 2007)                         Source

Since the Jim Scott Rock drums vol 1 and 2 is BFD2 expansions, the installation is simple and straight forward and the complete installation will take up roughly  135GB Hdd space.
This might seam like a huge size BUT since you get 8 kits (7 on the DVD´s and one downloadable Bonus kit 5) it is a fair amount of space.

For a complete list of what is included I would like you to head over to platinum samples webpage with a nice detailed list www.platinumsamples.com/KitLists/JSDKitList.


About The Jim Scott Rock Drums Vol 1 and 2

Jim Scott Rock Drums features a selection from Jim’s personal collection of classic drum kits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s recorded at his own PLYRZ Studios using his Neve 8048 console and analog outboard gear, as well as samples played by Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Average White Band, Eric Clapton) recorded at Sound City Studios (RHCP, Tom Petty, Nirvana) using their Neve 8028 console. The drums compiled in the Rock Drums expansion have been played on albums from Robbie Robertson, The Dixie Chicks and Barenaked Ladies to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.                              Source

The Jim Scott Rock Drums Loaded.

jsd loaded

The kit I loaded for this picture is Kit 8 (the Steve Ferrone Kit) out of the box it’s the largest kit in terms of Kit pieces.

Instead of going through all the kits in text detail I am going to let you se a video of the Jim Scott Rock Drums in action so you can listen to it in your speakers.
I will go through all the basic BFD2 kits where kit 2 also is shown with brushes.
These Kits except the final one is the default kits as they sound directly from the BFD2 kit preset, nothing has been done to the presets so this is how the kits will sound at start.
In the end of the video I show you a light tweaked version of kit 8 with the kick from kit 7.

This video was recorded and edited with Camtasia Studio.

I hope this video gave you a small hint on how the kits in the Platinum Samples Jim Scott Rock Drums sound.

Working with platinum Samples Jim Scott Rock Drums
Platinum Samples delivers great sounding drum expansions and the Jim Scott Rock Drums Vol 1 and 2 keeps that legacy intact. There is  a total of 256 velocity levels (if set up correct in BFD2) for us to use allowing us superior control and great sounding drums without having the issue of Machinegun sounding drums.
Jim Scott who handpicked and recorded these drums at PLYRZ Studios has done a great job, There is a great variety of drums in the two expansions and if you grab these two you will have more then enough for allot of different music styles and genres.
The Jim Scott Rock Drums sound sweet directly out of the box and I found the KIT 7 and Kit 8 to be spot on for what I like a drum to sound like.
Using Kit 8 (Steve Ferrone) for Amazing sounding Toms, crisp Hi Hat and great sounding cymbals, I swap the Kick and snare to the once in kit 7 (Chad Smith) This kick that is has a great round yet punchy sound and and snare is snappy and sweet.
all in all Jim Scott Rock Drums work great with just minor volume tweaks but has enough headroom for additional tweaking, and you can mix and match these with any other library you have.

Expanding the drum library today is not always an easy task, there is allot of different samples and plugins to pick from.
Platinum Samples knows how to deliver drum samples, Jim Scott Rock Drums Vol 1 and 2 has allot going for it, combined you get a huge variety of kits that can be combined to open op a huge realm of drums sounds for you.
Every drum in this Expansion sounds great and you do not have to do allot of tweaking to get a perfect drum for your mix, but there is Headroom to tweak the sound if you want / need to.
The pricing for the complete set of Vol 1 & 2 is set to $319.99, if you wish to get just one of these two the prices are set to 249.95 for Vol 1  and 129.99 for Vol 2.
Looking at what you get I would say the prices are fair, since this is not a small expansion.
Out of these two Vol 1 is the one like best and I rely RELY like  kit 7 and 8.

The verdict
recommended no transp

I would like to thank Platinum Samples for letting me do this review.

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