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Platinum Samples – Joe Barresi – EVIL DRUMS – review

Wazzup Dawfreaks.
It is time again for a Drum expansion review, Platinum samples sent me both the BFD and Superior drummer version of Joe Barresi EVIL DRUMS.
I have to start by telling you that due to understandable reasons the Superior Drummer version of Evil Drums is discontinued.
The reason I got both versions is that I would like to take this opportunity and try to compare BFD VS Superior Drummer, By using the same library it is easier to hear how they both work with the audio, Articulations and Velocity.


Who is Joe Barresi?

Joe Barresi is an American record engineer and producer who has worked with bands such as Kyuss, The Melvins, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, Coheed and Cambria, Tomahawk, L7,The Jesus Lizard, Parkway Drive and Bad Religion.   
                                                                                                             Source Wikipedia


Installation thoughts of EVIL DRUMS
The Platinum Samples Joe Barresi EVIL DRUMS expansion is a huge sound collection.
Installation of The BFD 2 is a bit tricky since EVIL DRUMS also works in the original BFD.
But thanks to the installation guide provided by Platinum Samples the installation process is done in less then an hour. The complete installation with upgrades, BFD 2 presets and extras
lands on about 76GB. The SDX Version of EVIL DRUMS is less painful and lands on 35 GB.

What you get
Now since Evil drums has 6 complete drum kits and allot of extra drum pieces I have decided that I will not list the complete list of each individual drum.
The Kits included are, Kit #1 – Pork Pie Tobacco Satin, Kit #2 – Ludwig 70’s Clear Vistalite,
Kit #3 – DW Classic/Hybrid, Kit #4 – Gretsch Natural Blonde Maple, Kit #5 Pork Pie Glamouflage ™ and Kit #6 – Ludwig Psychedelic Swirl
There is also 6 additional Kicks and 6 additional snares (plus A bonus Kick drum) 

For a complete list of what’s included, please visit


Evil Drums in action.
I will use BFD2 for most of this review, this has nothing to do with how the plugins themselves work or that one is better then the other this is mostly since there is some more Graphical features in BFD that makes the review a bit more fun.
I will come to a comparison later on …

Pork Pie Tobacco Satin


The Pork Pie Tobacco Satin kit is among the best kits I have heard, The kick has a sweet rocky rich and punchy sound, the Snare is distinct and snappy.
The Toms has a decent amount of bottom giving that nice balance to get the toms fit nice in the MIX. The Hi-hat has a lovely crisp sound that I totally like.
The Ride and Crashes has a full and rich sound perfect for rock, Blues and Heavy Metal.

Kit #2 – Ludwig 70’s Clear Vistalite

ED BFD2 kit2

Bombastic Motown, I don’t know any batter way to describe this kit.
The Ludwig 70’s Clear Vistalite has a classic full sound, the kick has a very open sound, the Snare has a a classic feel to the snappy sound. the Toms is the Favorite part of this KIT they ring nicely with a lot of character over the sound. The Hi-Hat sounds like its taken a beating giving that cool warmer crisp. The Crashes and ride is not as distinct as the once in the Pork Pie Tobacco Satin kit but still has allot of nice high frequency character.


Kit #3 – DW Classic/Hybrid, Kit

ED BFD2 kit3

The DW Classic/Hybrid, Kit gave me a mixed feeling, The Kick has a nice deep yet punchy sound with a sweet amount of bottom. The snare has allot of rattle going out to the OH, Room and AMB microphones that can be nice is some situations. the Toms (Only Two) I did not really like,they had to much basic character over the sound but everything can not be perfect for everyone.
the Hi-Hat, Crashes and Ride had in my ears a sound somewhere between kit one and two.


Kit #4 – Gretsch Natural Blonde Maple

ED BFD2 kit4

Gretsch has a huge variety of sounding drums, the one included in EVIL DRUMS features a classic sound with a plastic touch. This feature adds character that will allow the drums to stand out a bit in the mix. the Kick also has a longer bigger sound still with some plastic feel to it. the Snare is round and full and lowering the bottom microphone on the Snare and decreasing the amount of AMB on the snare gives a nice touch to the sound.
the Toms has a great bottom sound with some plastic touch that is very nice.
The Hi-Hat Crashes and Ride is a bit round but still crispy.


Kit #5 Pork Pie Glamouflage ™

ED BFD2 kit5

The Pork Pie Glamouflage Kit is among my favorite kits as well, this is a kit with allot of flavor.
The kick is allot of beater click, the snare has a fat sound with a bitt less Wire sound.
The Toms has a amazing roundish long warm tone that I rely love.
The Hi-Hat is distinct and crisp clear, the same goes with the Crashes and Ride.

For people with a lower budget or if you fell you just want the Glamouflage Kit
Platinum Samples has recently released a the Glamouflage Kit in a Quickpack.
For more information on the Glamouflage Kit Quickpack go to…

Kit #6 – Ludwig Psychedelic Swirl

ED BFD2 kit6

This is also a kit I had a bit of mixed feelings about, The kick is FAT with a nice beater snap,
the snare is short but with a fair amount of wire. The Toms has depth but why only two?
the Hi-hat Crashes and Ride sounds short and round with a little boost on the higher frequency.


Final thoughts
Platinum Samples know how to record and produce drum samples at high quality.
They make sure that the drums has enough of layers to give that realistic sound.
Working with EVIL DRUMS is a great joy and there allot of headroom for personal tweaking and sound adjustments.
there is a lot of nice additional hits to make nice fills without a Machinegun sound.
one thing I miss is more Toms for each kit, some have three some only two and I would have loved to se all have at least three and even four.
EVIL DRUMS is a huge library and if you had a look at the complete list of kit pieces you would know that there is allot of extras coming with this expansion pack.

I have showed you how EVIL DRUMS looks inside BFD 2, so here follows the basic Superior Drummer 2.0 layout with the Kit #1 – Pork Pie Tobacco Satin loaded.


As some of you have seen I have started adding videos to my reviews, so here is a Video showing all the complete Kits from EVIL DRUMS played both in BFD2 And Superior 2.0
I must add that there is some differences but this is mainly due to how the engine behaves and I have noticed no difference when I start tweaking the sounds.

EVIL DRUMS video recorded with Camtasia Studio 7 inside PreSonus Studio One V2 professional

Platinum Samples impresses me, all in all the Joe Barresi is one of the best drum expansion on the market. Sadly as I mentioned in the beginning EVIL DRUMS as an SDX is Discontinued, but from what I can tell they know how to deliver expansions in the SDX format as well.
The EVIL DRUMS expansion is extremely well made, with enough headroom for personal tweaking and sound adjustments.
This expansion pack is complete and a great buy since it will cover most music genres, so if you do more then one music genre Platinum Samples Joe Baressi EVIL DRUMS is a perfect addition to your drum library.
Working with EVIL DRUMS is fun, and the drums responds well to different velocity’s and makes it easy to bypass machinegun effects.
The price for EVIL DRUMS is $199.00.


  • Great sound.
  • Complete library for most if not all genres.
  • Answers well to velocity’s.
  • Headroom for additional sound tweaking.
  • Lots of extras included.
  • Affordable



  • would have loved some additional Toms.
    The verdict

    Now to try and answer the question  “BFD2 VS Superior drummer 2”, here is my thoughts.
    I use them both allot, I have always seen it as an achievement to learn how to mix drums!
    This is a task I’m nowhere near completing and I am miles away from being a full skilled pro.
    But to be able to give as good reviews I possible can I have to learn a plugin or software completely before I start writing.
    From my experience there is not much difference in the result between the two. 
    I base this on the results I got from using EVILDRUMS the time I spent in both BFD2 and Superior Drummer 2 so I hope that qualifies as an answer.

    I would like to thank Platinum Samples for letting me review Joe Barresi EVIL DRUMS.

    1. Felix
      June 9, 2012 at 9:50 pm

      Hi Dawfreak, first of all, thanks for your videos and reviews, they are great and really helpful.

      Now, you said about both Evil Drums versions “I must add that there is some differences but this is mainly due to how the engine behaves and I have noticed no difference when I start tweaking the sounds” , I think it´s a taste which one to prefer, I personally prefer how Evil Drums sounds in BFD, but, possibly, I will buy the Superior Drummer version, because this is the one I own, and I can´t afford buying BFD+Evil Drums, that´s why I would like to ask what could I tweak in SD2 to sound similar to BFD (not saying the same, as they are different products), I mean, things like OH, mics, ….

      So, based on your experience, what do you recommend me to tweak in Superior Drummer to make Evil Drums sound similar to the BFD version?

      • June 10, 2012 at 12:26 am

        Hello Felix.
        The min different between BFD and SD 2.0 is that you don’t have the same amount of bleed control in BFD as you have in BFD 2.
        What i refer to in my review that might not bw clear is that the default presets in BFD sounds a bit better but in the end you will get the same results.

    2. Felix
      June 11, 2012 at 3:40 am

      I have been carefully watching and listening to your video, and, to me the BFD version sound more alive, although it doesn´t necessary mean this one sounds better, just a matter of taste, both sound great but clearly different, but, as you said, what matters is that in the end we will get the same good results.

      Thanks Dawfreak.

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