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Wazzup Dawfreaks.

I am back with a fresh review.
Earlier this week TOONTRACK released the second generation of EZmix and TOONTRACK let me give you all a my review on it.

What is EZmix 2?
Ezmix 2 is a all in one plug-in that comes as stand alone and in Native-only plug-in format AU, RTAS and VST plugin format for MAC and PC, VST and AU supports both 32 and 64 bit hosts.
When I say all in one plug-in it basically is all in one, from EQ, Reverb, Compressor, gate to complete guitar rig or channel strips.
It can basically be used on anything you want, such as channel, subgroup, AUX or even master fader and can help you in stressed moments when you need to finish a mix faster then the speed of light.
EZmix 2 is a complete mixing tool with presets created by professionals and with professional high-end gear,for complete specs pleas visit the EZmix 2 page.

A first look
Ezmix 2 window

As I load up EZmix 2 the name becomes clear, the GUI is nice and very EZ.

EZmix 2 is divided in two Sections, browser and effect controls.
The browser has both a search function and a categorization listed as Instrument Groups.  Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Strings, Vocals and Miscellaneous. This makes finding the right preset very easy.
When you have done your choices or made your search the matching presets will be listed nicely in the lower browser section.
Note that you can combined more then one choice in each category section to increase the chance to find the preset you are looking for.

Below that we have the actual plugin with effect controls, where the preset effects is adjusted through two turn knobs to increase or decrease the amount of processing you want.
Looking at the picture above you can see that the left knob will adjust the amount of predefined EQ and the right knob will adjust the amount of Tape Drive on the track.
The control section also holds volume adjustments for Input and output for a complete control of the processing done and the volume of the processed audio.

Working with EZmix 2
As I said before the GUI is very simple to understand, and working with EZmix is fun.
I decided to make a small song with some of the common tracks in it to show how EZmix sounds.

Before we go on, here is a mix with just panning done and no effects.

Inside Studio One v2
studio one mix

This song is set up with drums from TOONTRACK Superior Drummer 2 in a multi out setup. Bass guitar from Native Instruments Kontakt Elements, Piano, Strings and organ from the Studio One Presence library.

I found using the search feature was best and fastest, and then I just went through the different presets to find one I felt sounded good for this mix.

I used EZmix 2 on all channels, and I ended up with 16 EZmix 2 plugins as insert effects on the individual tracks and on most of the used Superior drummer output busses.
I also used EZmix 2 to get the distortion and clean sounds on the guitar tracks.
to top this of I used EZmix 2 as a send effect for Reverb on Kick, Snare and Toms,
and To finish of I used Ezmix as a final master effect on the Main output channel.
EZmix is dead simple to use and each instance takes les then a minute to et up,
Just find a preset, adjust in and output and then adjust the preset settings with the two Turn nobs and you are ready to go to next channel.
The sound you get is very good and you don’t have to spend hours and hours to get a pro mix on your song, and to top things of EZmix 2 is fairly CPU efficient.
The Included effects and presets are great sounding and even though you don’t have much control it seams enough to get a nice sound.
Talking of presets, TOONTRACK included

Here is the CPU usage of the Project.
cpu use

Getting my mix done with EZmix 2 took me 10 minutes and I did not have to do allot of adjustment of the presets to get a sound I liked.
And here is the same song finished with EZmix 2 applied on the tracks.

+ Simple to use
+ Great sound
+ CPU efficient
+ Timesaver
+ Price
+ Loads of presets
+ Guitar and Bass rigs

– Limited
– cant combine presets to make a chain of effects inside EZmix

Toontrack has given us a great start point for mixing our songs quick and easy.
Ezmix 2 has all the different tools we need to get a good mix done.
The downside of EZmix 2 is.. it is EZ and you get a good sound from using it but it might not be your your sound.
EZmix 2 can only load 1 preset at the time so you cant chain more presets inside one instance of EZmix2, this means that you sometime  will have to load two or more instances on your Tracks / busses to get a perfect sound.

Ezmix 2 comes with enough control to tweak the sound and can be used on anything you want making it a great all in one plugin.
You can also use the stand alone version to jam along with your favorite songs or for guitar / Bass practice, since it has Guitar and bass rigs (amps and effects) included.
And if you feel you need more effects and presets, EZmix 2 is compatible with all the expansions from EZmix 1 http://www.toontrack.com/products.asp?#EZmixLine

Over all I like the concept of EZmix 2 and I like that it works as both a processing effect as well as a guitar and bass rig.
Ezmix 2 is a very helpful tool for everyone in the music / sound industry and I believe it will be a timesaver for many people in this line of work for years to come.
And I have to say the price is just as EZ for what you get so go get it!!

The verdict

Great product for a small price.

Thank you for reading and I hope to se you back soon.
Please leave a comment below.

  1. June 3, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    great plugin ezmix does what it says and sound great. …just look for the right preset and you done. ….
    i use ik multimedia’s t-racks which is far more powerful and beside preset also give more control. …but given the price i think ez mix is best for beginners…

  1. July 25, 2012 at 11:44 pm
  2. November 21, 2012 at 11:44 pm

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