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IK Multimedia – AmpliTube 3

Wazzzuup Dawfreaks.
Im back with a new review and today we are going to take a look at AmplTube 3 from IK Multimedia.


AmplitTube 3 is a guitar and bass tone gear modeling software that works with most common DAW and also comes as stand alone software.
AmpliTube 3 comes with 160 precisely modeled pieces of vintage and modern gear, Lets have a look at some Specs and se what´s we find


Standalone application for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Supports the plug-in formats Audio Units, VST, RTAS on Mac OS X and VST, RTAS on Windows.

5 separate modules: Tuner, Stomp effects Pedalboard, Amp Head, Cabinet + Microphones, post Rack effects.

Over 160 included gear models

51 Stompbox effects

31 Amp models

46 Cabinet emulations

15 Studio Microphone models

17 Rack effects

High-precision Tuner

For a full list of the AmpliTube specs visit http://www.ikmultimedia.com/amplitube/specs/

A first look / Amp

I loaded up AmpliTube 3 as stand alone to get a look at the GUI, and the first impression is very nice.
Main window

On the main window we find the Amplifier, and it looks just like a Amp but in digital form.
The main window is divided in to 4 sections when loaded as a plug-in and 5 when in stand alone mode.

On the top we find presets, BPM, TAP, browser, Save functions, delete and quality control.
Below that we find 8 different routing configurations, Input selection (mono/stereo), Tuner and window selection for the Stomp A/B Amp A/B Cab A/B, Rack A/B and at the end Bypass and mute selections.

Next is the actual Section window, when we load AmpliTube 3 we always get the AMP A section showing.
This is the Amplifier section with all Controls you would normally find on a AMP.
So if you have messed around with the real deal this is set up to be as realistic as possible.
And as the specs said AmpliTube 3 comes with 31 Amp models.

Below that is Input level, A noise Gate, module control and output level.

In the stand alone version you also find a recording section that is cool for messing around with ideas or to rehearse a song.

The actual first section if we look at the GUI is the STOMP section, ´
This is setup to look as a real Pedalboard.

Here is a sample on how you can set up the Stomp section, all Stompboxes can be moved around so you can get the sound you want just like in the real world.
And as I mentioned in the Specs, AmpliTube 3 comes with 51 Stompbox effects to toy with.


The Cab section holds not only the cabinets, it also is holds the microphone selection, placement and room control.

From here you can select from the 46 cabinets included to use with your rig and then place one or two microphones in front of the cabinet just as you can in the real world.
this option gives you freedom and control of the close and room sound.

The Rack

The last section for tweaking the sound is the Rack, all in all AmpliTube comes with 17 Rack effects that you can hook up to your rig for even more sound control.
some of the effects are Tube compressor, EQ, reverb and delay that you can set in any way you want in the rack.

The Browser.

The last window I want to show you is the Browser.
Here you can find all factory presets as well as the presets you have made and saved.
you can ether scroll all presets or search.


So how does it sound?

Here is 4 sound samples I have made just so you can get a clue on what AmpliTube 3 can do.

Classic Dist

Crunshy rock




IK Multimedia has made a great standalone and plugin for anyone who owns a bass or guitar, and It can be used both live as well as in your recording software.
The GUI is flawless and it feels and looks like a complete Rig with all features you need to get that killer sound.
with great functions and easy to understand controls I can nothing but recommend AmpliTube 3 to anyone who wants a nice guitar and bass rig in your computer.
And as a side note for the plugin I have not had any issues with stability of the AmpliTube standalone or VST Plug-in Sadly I can not test the RTAS version since I don’t own Protools.
And if this is not enough AmpliTube 3 has a nice feature! the Amplitube Custom Shop

The Verdict
AmpliTube 3 rocks

Thank you for reading and hope to se you back soon.

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    July 11, 2012 at 12:06 am

    Thanks for providing this info. I find it very insightful.

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