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Kingston SSDNOW V+100 128GB

Whazzup Dawfreaks.
Its time for a Mini review, and this one is really not just for the daw people.
I have Been given the chanse to run my system on a Kingston SSDNOW v+100 128gb
and make a mini review for you.
Thanks to the people at Kingston and Simon for helping me out getting
a mini review on a ssd disc out on DAWFREAKS.
The main reason for me getting a ssd is to try and se how big difference it is to have a ssd in your DAW,
and i am also planning on writing a “build your silent daw pc guide”.
so are you ready?



Kingston Technology Company, Inc. is the world’s independent memory leader.
Founded in 1987 with a single product offering, Kingston® now offers more than 2,000 memory products that support nearly every device that uses memory, from computers, servers and printers to MP3 players, digital cameras and mobile phones. In 2010, the company’s sales reached $6.5 billion.
With global headquarters in Fountain Valley, California, Kingston employs more than 4,000 people worldwide. Regarded as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in America” by Fortune magazine, Kingston’s tenets of respect, loyalty, flexibility and integrity create an exemplary corporate culture. Kingston believes that investing in its people is essential, and each employee is a vital part of Kingston’s success.
Kingston serves an international network of distributors, resellers, retailers and OEM customers on six continents. The company also provides contract manufacturing and supply chain management services for semiconductor manufacturers and system OEMs.

SSDNOW V+100 Features

  • Innovative — uses MLC NAND flash memory components.
  • Silent — runs silent and cool with no moving mechanical parts
  • Shock-Proof — no moving mechanical parts so the SSD handles rougher conditions
  • Supports TRIM1 — Ensures maximum performance on compatible operating systems
  • Supports S.M.A.R.T functions
  • Garbage collection feature — ensures maximum performance on Operating Systems not supporting TRIM
  • Guaranteed — three-year warranty, live 24/7 tech support

SSDNOW V+100 Specifications

  • Form factor — 2.5″
  • Interface — SATA 1.5Gb/s and 3.0Gb/s
  • Capacities 2 — 64 GB, 96 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB
  • Dimensions — 69.85 x 100 x 9.5 mm
  • Weight — 128 – 151 grams
  • Storage temperatures — -40 ~ 85°C
  • Operating temperatures — 0 ~ 70°C
  • Vibration operating — 2.7G
  • Vibration non-operating — 20G
  • Sequential Read Throughput 3 — 230 MB/s
  • Sequential Write Throughput 3 — 180 MB/s
  • PCMARK® Vantage HDD Suite Score 464 GB – 35,046
    96 GB – 34,971
    128 GB – 35,073
    256 GB – 34,795
    512 GB – 34,697
  • Power specs — Active – 3.4W (TYP)
    Idle – 0.05W
  • MTBF — 1,000,000 Hrs

My system

Fractal Design XL
i7 930 (2.8)
Noctua NH-U12P SE2
Gigabyte ga x58a ud3r Rev2.0
Corsair vengeance DDR3 1600 cl9 (12gb)
msi 560 ti twin frozr
Western digital caviar black 1tb (Files disk)
Western digital velociraptor 300gb (Sound and project disk)
Kingston SSDNOW v+100 128GB (System disk)
Corsair 650w PSU

The SSDNOW v+100

Image taken from Kingston homepage.

Installation of the Kingston SSDnow v+100 is the same as any hdd,
but remember to get the full speed you should use the AHCI drivers.
The installation of windows only took amazingly 13 minutes.
And lets just say i don have the fastest dvd reader so this is just amazingly fast.
All in all setting up my system was fast it normally takes 4 hours now it was done in about 3 hours.
I know each install is different but windows 7 sp1 was done in 20 min, this is normally a 30 min setup.

A small test
So i am no big fan of Benchmark tests, since they only show numbers and not Real world behaviour.
But here is a crystalbench test i did.


These numbers are just amazing… right??
well I also did a more real-world test.
I Setup cubase 6 to auto start and boot up.
Cubase is set to load last project by default.
on my old Western digital caviar black 750gb it took 1min and 49seconds to completely restart my system and boot cubase with my test project.

Low quality vid 😦 showing WD caviar black vs Kingston SSDnowv+100 128 gb

Sorry for the bad video Quality.

On the SSD now v+100 it took an amazing 1 min and 26 seconds.
That is only 23sec faster, but loading more then one app wont make any
difference to the load times so the speed of a SSD really pays of.
And after using the SSDnow v+100 for about one week i am really amazed with the speed of this monster.
I can really feel my system being way faster and cubase is really loving the ssd speed.
SSD is the best u can get for your system drive, i am sure you will gain a serious boost.
There is many reasons to get an SSD for sure, but speed is the biggest!
You can have the fastest cpu, the fastest RAM or even the most awesome motherboard on earth if your system disk is slow you wont se all the difference.
So when planning a system you should really take SSD into consideration and maybe not get that super motherboard, or go for a 3.2ghz cpu instead of a 3.6ghz.
All in all you should balance things out, and a SSD is a boost to the system that is very nice and in most cases beats them extra 0.4 ghz on a cpu or even the 1 cas on a ram.
There is more then one reason to not take the highest cpu.
If you take a cpu at a lower ghz the temps will not be as high and you don’t need to push the fan at
max speed and that will make your cpu stay cool but your system will be less noisy.

+++ Speed
++++ no noise
+++ wont ad any temp to the system
++++ 10-20% system speed boost.
+++ The Kingston warranty

— The prices of ssd is really high
—  No one really knows the lifespan of a ssd

Ssd is the new system drive for sure.
The Kingston SSDnow v+100 is rated at 180,00 EURO and that is still a bit high.
But at the end of the day a fast system drive is well worth it!
Installing the ssd is no different then a normal hdd and your system gain in my opinion is 10-20% performance boost
If you can afford a ssd. go for it.. Cubase gains from it, surfing gains from it.. well everything gains something from the speed of a SSDnow v+100
I am well amazed with the Kingston SSDnow v+100 and i recommend it to
anyone who wants a SSD boost to their system.
As i said before the only downsides of a ssd is the price and since SSD still is a bit new, no one knows the real lifespan of SSD disks.
But no matter what SSD is a joy to have, specially when you do music, image editing and video editing.

So all in all i am going to give the SSDNOW v+100 128g

The only thing keeping the Kingston SSDnow v+100 from 5/5 is the price,
but i have to add no SSD would have gained more due to the high prices of ssd.

Thank you for reading my mini review of the SSDnow
Hope to se you back soon.

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